Welcome to Lower Photography & Studio also has an outside portrait park and is a full service studio discreatly hidden at the edge of a residentilal area on the the corner of West River Parkway and 9th Ave in Rochester, Minnesota. We are a Certified Professional Photographer, on staff, and do all of the following: Art (fine and Giclee), Aerial, Architecture, Baby, Business, Commercial, Copy, Event, Family, Group, HIgh School Seniors, Kids, Model, Passport, Pet, Portrait (all kinds), Restoration, Visa, Wedding (at our studio in outside portrait park).



About Us

We are the proud owners of Lower Photography & Studio. We, Bev and I (Howard), have been working together for over 30 years in this business at this location. Looking back, we wouldn't change a single thing. Photography is a wonderful profession and it is who we are, not just what we do.


 We are PC junkies ( I use to design and build them as an electrical engineer at IBM) and most of the time, you will find us both sitting in our office area within twelve feet of each other and that is what you would call “working side by side” on our PC’s. We love our automation (Howard does the building/fixes/programming the computers, finishing of prints, copy and restoration and things directly related  to the art of photography like photographing just about anything and the study of light, calibration, studio setup, lighting, equipment, etc., while Bev is busy answering the phone, social networking, taking client’s orders, entering office information, etc.,)


We live in our house/studio which sits on two city lots and is where we made the whole lower level our studio. The two lots are fenced to hide the portrait park that contains lots of vegetation, a gazebo, a large waterfall circled with a stone wall, corrals, paths through the park-like area. The park is designed to allow photos to be created in good lighting through most of the day.


We are close to downtown where 4th Avenue going North turns into West River Parkway NW and after about a mile or so you climb up a little hill and we are located on the left, West side, on 9th Ave (the only house on the North side facing 9th Ave. We often spend our evenings on our new deck looking over our wildlife and birds and making sure they are being rewarded at the bird feeders.  Yes, we are on a busy corner just North of the back of Hy-Vee and a block South of 37th Street where Wells Fargo Bank is. Instead of going to sleep with just the sound of birds and crickets, we go to sleep with the sound of those walking by us, some light traffic, etc, - you know the sounds of life and we celebrate each and every day whizzing by.


As members of one of the most elite, international photography societies, both Howard and Bev continue to offer the highest level of artistry and service in this region and beyond.


Would we trade it? Absolutely not! We love what we do, where we live and are blessed every day. Enjoy your visit to our website and come back often!


Certified PPA Photographer, Howard







This is the testimonial from a young mother who let us into her feeling about who she was. It was such a blessing for us to work with her. She was open to our suggestions on her starting to want to be a model.  See the following from a .... Well we will let you hear her voice in her testimonial that follows.


Sonja writes:

Sonja studio grey background"First, let me start by telling you that I am the most simple person I know. I don’t wear makeup, go shopping, wear dresses or high heels and most importantly – I am shy!


Modeling is something that I have thought about for a while, but it has been just that… a thought. Finally, I said to myself that while it is way outside of my comfort zone, I might as well try it instead of thinking about the ‘what-if’s’. I started by researching and writing down numbers of local photographers. LOWER Photography was my first and ended up being my last call.


When I called, I was greeted by Bev who was patient and understanding with me. I explained to her that I had no idea how to accomplish what I needed to do but laid out for her what I wanted. She recognized I planned to create a model comp card and asked me about outfits I might consider as well as makeup. I wasn’t sure what to use, so we decided that I should bring several outfits with me and choose them together at the session time. I told her that I didn’t even own any makeup and certainly didn’t know how to apply it. She walked me through what I needed to buy and told me that she would even teach me how to use it once I got there.


I also communicated that I was shy and I preferred a female over a male toSonja studio barn door bkgrd photograph me. And she replied that I should not worry - that a male (Howard) was going to take my portrait, but she would be there. She added, “By the time you’re finished, you’re going to be all smiles from having fun!” I think she could tell I was nervous and that it took a lot of courage for me to have even called to set up an appointment.


I will say by the end of my conversation with Bev and her ‘guaranteed great time’ that I was comfortable with the concept of modeling and happy with my decision to go with LOWER Photography!


When I showed up, I was nervous just because it was something new for me and I was meeting them for the first time. First impressions are very important to me, so I made sure I was early and that our first conversation went well. They (Howard and Bev) took time to get to know more about me. We discussed my outfits and chose backgrounds appropriate for each. Then I underwent a crash course about makeup application. Bev was amazing! She taught me some tricks for a sleek look as well as offering me what she had and even let me keep some new eye liner.


Sonja studio barn bkgrd with slight blue tintThen it was time for me to produce and show off that smile! It took some getting used to since when I have taken professional pictures in the past, they didn’t want me to move! I was instructed to ‘just be myself!’ Easier said than done! But, actually, very easy. Howie was super friendly and helpful not to mention educational. As we went along, he would point out reasons as to why things are done, the proper way to place/show your hands, etc. I learned a lot about not only modeling, but what he does as well. We then viewed the images when the sessions were finished. This was extremely difficult for me, but made easier with their help. It was nice to get their point of view. I thought all my images were good, but artistically some were better than others and Howard has the perfect eye for that part as well! I was guaranteed a fun day and can honestly say, “I had a blast!”


Howie sent me the images that night and called the next day to explain that both he and Bev lost sleep thinking about my shoot. Something was missing from the previous sessions, but they weren’t sure if I was going to be willing to do what they were about to suggest because they knew it was not me at all. They wanted to take me shopping and get a dress and heels to make my comp card complete! With a dress image, the card would be complete with athletic, casual and close-ups. They told me what I had chosen was good, but this would make it great! So I said, “Sure! Why not? All or nothing!”


Sonja lifting 15# weightThe next day, Bev called and said her appointment for that day had canceled and wanted to know if I wanted to go shopping. So I said that would be okay, and we went on our next adventure together. We went dress shopping and found some heels as well as some accessories! When we started our adventure, Howie said that by the end of the day I would say that I had fun dress shopping. Let’s remember that I don’t care to wear dresses and heels, let alone shop for them! I will say that 5 hours later, 4 dresses and a pair of 5” heels later, I could happily say those dreaded words to Howie who laughed at me and said, “I told you so!” Then he shared his plans for these outfits with me and I was yet again scared!


We had the session on Saturday afternoon to photograph in the dresses. We went to a beautiful location where I made a point to prove that I could walk gracefully and ‘keep up’ with him in those heels! It was a hike, but a fun voyage at the same time. Then we headed to what I call the ‘dreaded place’ Howard chose … DOWN TOWN!


However, once more, Howie prevailed and it was not as bad as I thought it wouldSonja at historical library outdoors door be! The constant laughter and great conversation along the way helped take away from the ‘task’ at hand. It was a full day of wearing those dresses, but like he said, “It was fun and well worth it!”


I am very happy with my decision to go with LOWER Photography. They both were incredibly helpful and patient in every aspect. It made the experience for me fun since I was way outside my comfort zone initially. With a little bit of encouragement, kind words, and caring, it was effortless to step into that uncomfortable zone. With Howie and Bev it was incredibly easy! Sonja on back of model compcard- 5 imagesThey both went out of their way to make me feel relaxed because they knew how I felt. We were able to share days of laughter and joy together and that relationship helped me get at ease with Howard so it was more like taking a walk and snapping some shots with a friend instead of a photographer.




Throughout the whole process, they both were amazingly helpful, generous and thoughtful. They listened to my concerns and addressed them and then gave me reassuring words. And let me tell you since it is now all said and done, I can quote Bev’s exact words: “I guarantee you’re going to have fun!”


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Our Reward

This, friends, is exactly why we do what we do ... to make a difference in someone's life is the best reward we can ever receive. We believe, there is no better way, to effect someone's life in a positive way than through the art of photography. We hope to hear from you soon.







Lower Photography & Studio is also: MedCityPhotoStudio.com & Goodimage.com

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physical, health, barbells, musel, pink