Welcome to Lower Photography & Studio also has an outside portrait park and is a full service studio discreatly hidden at the edge of a residentilal area on the the corner of West River Parkway and 9th Ave in Rochester, Minnesota. We are a Certified Professional Photographer, on staff, and do all of the following: Art (fine and Giclee), Aerial, Architecture, Baby, Business, Commercial, Copy, Event, Family, Group, HIgh School Seniors, Kids, Model, Passport, Pet, Portrait (all kinds), Restoration, Visa, Wedding (at our studio in outside portrait park).



Even with cell phone cameras,where the images are pretty small we can take your cell phone images and make them much bigger! I mean really big - like a poster several feet in size - and they will be as clean and sharp as if taken with one of my multiple thousands of dollars cameras with  very large imagers and we’ll print any size you want in a quality that “will blow your mind”


Or buy our Art!


Giclee Fine Art comes from the imagination of the artist throughout the entire artistic process. If you are after a specific subject or type of art, please let us know as we may have it in our archives. All images shown here are a small sample of the many images we have that may or may not have yet been artistically finished. The finishing of any subject takes a considerable amount of time. The result is Giclee art that is museum quality in all ways including museum quality paper, protection, mounting, to name a few of the considerations for every Giclee print. If you have a specific interest, please let us know so that we can post a bigger image for you to view. You can also ask for a  sample partial print of the art you are interested in - a preparation and handling charge for a partial print may occur.



Fine Art Prints:

We use the best Fine Art Paper in the photography world and we are trained in the process. Why do we do all of this? Because high quality Fine Art Prints are more than just fine paper, it’s about the total process of producing the best Fine Art print for you. For instance, Fine Art Prints need accurate color and exposure to start with and then they need the white glove treatment while handling them. Unlike Photographic Paper that typically has a protective finish, our Fine Art Paper finish was created to purely convey the beauty of your work. Because of this, these prints must be handled with special care to prevent damage. Handling Fine Art Prints without gloves can result in hard-to-remove fingerprints, fingernail marks, and due to it’s water-soluble properties, damage to the print itself from the natural moisture and oils on your skin. Along with the white gloves, we strongly recommend a protective professional protection and mounting the Fine Art Paper to the proper mounting options. Without mounting, the paper will not lay flat and does bow.


Yes, the list of papers we use for Fine Art Printing are here for you to look at and for you to be impressed with! The print you receive will be a Giclee Fine Art Print, archival high end art paper, mounted and coated with a high quality UV/moisture resistant coating. When mounting any picture they should always be with archiveal materials and mounted in such a way with glass, the glass must not touch the print. Framing is at extra cost based on what you like and what you want done. We have many frames of many sizes either in stock or selected from custom frame corners. Cost is unknown and based on your final selection and order.


The Lower's are always available for consultation. If you are local we are very happy to come to your location and hang your piece of art for you.



Lower Photography & Studio is also: MedCityPhotoStudio.com & Goodimage.com

3509 9th Ave NW Rochester, MN 55901

www.lowerphotography.com or call 507-282-2534