Welcome to Lower Photography & Studio also has an outside portrait park and is a full service studio discreatly hidden at the edge of a residentilal area on the the corner of West River Parkway and 9th Ave in Rochester, Minnesota. We are a Certified Professional Photographer, on staff, and do all of the following: Art (fine and Giclee), Aerial, Architecture, Baby, Business, Commercial, Copy, Event, Family, Group, HIgh School Seniors, Kids, Model, Passport, Pet, Portrait (all kinds), Restoration, Visa, Wedding (at our studio in outside portrait park).


In business, image does matter!


In a recent survey by Jobvite Recruiter of job recruiters proves that a good head-shot matters: Almost half the recruiters surveyed said that seeing a photo of a candidate before they meet influences their first impression as well as their hiring decision.


Therefore, Lower Photography's Business image is a head and shoulder picture on a business or white background that we help you select at the time of the sitting. At Lower's all business images are retouched for true skin tones, blemishes, fly away hair, eyes, skin, and other things our client want done.  Please ask. All business people want to look their best no matter their occupation. Sometimes more than one person is in the image (usually a work team). There are no limits to the usage of the image for business nor do you have to worry about a usage time limit. You can get your image as a digital image, print or pay extra for both. The finished image is 3-1/2 by 5 inches at 300 dpi. Some want a larger image and we can print whatever size you want at added cost. There is no visual logo on the print front. The normal time to take a business image is about 30 - 45 minutes (including the time it takes you to pick the one you like). Our turn around time is normally 3 working days but, if needed in 2 hours or so we can do that. Please ask.



Lower Photography & Studio is also: MedCityPhotoStudio.com & Goodimage.com

3509 9th Ave NW Rochester, MN 55901

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