Welcome to Lower Photography & Studio also has an outside portrait park and is a full service studio discreatly hidden at the edge of a residentilal area on the the corner of West River Parkway and 9th Ave in Rochester, Minnesota. We are a Certified Professional Photographer, on staff, and do all of the following: Art (fine and Giclee), Aerial, Architecture, Baby, Business, Commercial, Copy, Event, Family, Group, HIgh School Seniors, Kids, Model, Passport, Pet, Portrait (all kinds), Restoration, Visa, Wedding (at our studio in outside portrait park).


Children images, in general, are from the age of birth through 12 years old.


 We love children and are experienced in getting the very best out of them no matter their age.


We have a lot of props and toys that are used as necessary. Bring things, including the family pet if you so desire. We like the parents or guardians to be in the camera room with the photographer to help to get the very best out of especially younger children.


Lower Photography & Studio is also: MedCityPhotoStudio.com & Goodimage.com

3509 9th Ave NW Rochester, MN 55901

www.lowerphotography.com or call 507-282-2534